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 If I do a Cody Simpson fan fic about how shes suicidal Who would read it? Or wanna be in it?

Cody kissing your scars as he sang someone like you by the summer set.

Me:  I want messages:)
My followers:  You also want IM5's D but that's not gonna happen.


I’m sorry if you get upset or offended in any way shape or form by this. I know some people understand this and an relate so I’m very sorry if this upsets you.

Cole- You’re looking at old photos of you. All smiles. Well, not anymore. No one knew that you cried almost every night. No one knew how…

Dalton One shot.
 "Hey, hey." You hear a deep sexy voice whisper in your ear. Hands grab your waist and spin you around and you're face to face with your boyfriend, Dalton Rapattoni. He kissed your forehead and tucked your hair behind your ears. "Three years." You whisper in his chest and he grabs your hand. You realize you Have no idea where you are, so you let him drag you around. "Close your eyes, Baby." He says from infront of you. "But what if I step in a puddle." You say looking down at the snow. "Please." He whines sqeezing your hand. You do as you're told and get lead to a bright lit area. "OK.." you open your eyes and see a grave stone with candles and white roses around it. "Happy birthday Mrs. Y/l/n" (your last name) Dalton whispers at the head stone, taking a seat. Tears are slipping down your cheeks as you sit on dalton's lap. "Y-you did th-this?" You sniffed. He nodded and laid his head on your shoulder. "Happy birthday mom. I love and miss you so much.." You wanted to say more, but you burst out in tears. "Why did cancer have to win?!" You cried into the night. Dalton held you close and kissed your neck. "God has mysterious ways of doing what's best for us." You couldnt respond. Your finger traced your mothers name and her date of birth. You picked up a White rose, and smelled it. For hours you sat talking to your mom.


Because I am the best most amazing procrastinator (worse than Dan and that is like a record) I have finally wrote you that one shot Monica I was sick for the first week and had testing then I just procrastinated and for that I am sorry.

Based Off Of Jane Doe By NeverShoutNever somehow I…